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paperbark maple

Intriguing Paperbark Maples

The Paperbark maple (acer grisium ) deserves its popularity. Its leaves are attractive and its bark, well, that's the keeper. The tree works in a pot or in the ground (where you will need a 20x20 foot space). Like other maples, the paperbark maple is deciduous and slow growing. The tree may be more comfortable in partial shade rather than full sun. Watch for leaf scorch. Its especially important to keep its soil moist but well drained. The paperbark is NOT drought tolerant. It is hardy down to zone 6. It will keep its leaves late. Careful when you prune; it can get twiggy.

Milewide Nursery has $55.00 one gallon paperbark maple specimens for sale.

or Japanese maples

  • The Bloodgood cultivar is an attractive tree.
  • It has color, personality and hardiness.
  • And that silhouette!

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